Issue- SIP being added when selecting “Send e-mail” within SCSM console to Outlook

Environment- SCSM 2012R2, Outlook 2013, 2010?


As you can see when you select “Send Mail” in the SCSM console you get a “sip:” in front of the “To…” line in Outlook.



To resolve this run the following Power Shell script on a SCSM management server-

Get-SCSMClass -Name System.Notification.Endpoint | Get-SCSMClassInstance -Filter ‘ChannelName -eq “SIP”‘ | % {if($_.TargetAddress –like ‘sip:*’){$_.TargetAddress = $_.TargetAddress.Replace(‘sip:’,”); $_ | Update-SCSMClassInstance}}

*I have received reports that over time this PowerShell may need to be ran on a schedule and just not a one time fix.

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