After a net new install of the Software Update Point “SUP” and WSUS, this environment started receiving multiple “LicenseAgreement file does not exist…” warnings.  In the past I have seen these clear out on their own, but this environment they persisted and never cleared.  The only unique configuration is the WSUS folder is installed on the “D” drive instead of the default “C”.  After reviewing the table “tdConfigurationB” in the SUSDB database I noticed the “LocalContentCacheLocation” was still pointed to “C:\WSUS\WsusContent”.  After changing it to “D:\WSUS\WsusContent” the warning message went away.  Not sure why the default “C” path persisted, but this resolved the issue~


wsus error 0

wsus error1

*Make sure you have selected “Automatically deploy all software updates found by this rule, and approve any license agreements” under Deployment Settings on the ADR or Deployment.

-Popich LLP